• Jorge Camal - visual artist

    Jorge Camal was born in Argentina in 1963. From the age of 12 he worked with ceramics, using different glazings and techniques. Later he started working on sculptures on a larger scale, using materials such as bronze and marble. In The Netherlands at The Rietveld Academy, he developed the conceptual elements in his art, integrating video and photography as well.

    Because of his dyslexia, his hands became the main tools to express himself. His work is very tactile, and very much connected to the primal forces in nature, to reproduction and sensuality. Returning shapes are fingers, arms , fists and tongues (in Spanish the word for 'tongue' is the same as for 'language'; speech therapy has been a daily ritual for many, many years).

    Where ideas for his pieces always start spontaneously, it's his incredible knowledge of techniques, that raises his work to a whole other level. By using different kinds of materials, different kilns and working with different burning periods, he achieves surprising results, making his work even stronger and more meaningful.

    Jorge never uses entire bodies, but always works with cut off parts. With these parts he creates new organic entities, striving to create new pleasure. Unexpected combinations and juxtapositions may work humorous and/or aesthetically pleasing. In the final shapes the separate parts either seem to sprout from a center, like an explosion or a sea anemone, reminiscent of the Big Bang, the origin of All. Or on the other hand they are very much entwined, creating a very compact form, seeming almost solid with a strong sense of connection.

    His work never fails to make a strong impression on its spectators, as on a deeper level it appeals to our basic instincts. Where we come from, the need for reproduction and protection, but also the need to laugh and have fun. In these days of increasing use of digital media it's a great joy to find work which is so pure, which uses the old techniques, and stands within a long tradition and yet at the same time succeeds to be so modern. Art that is timeless but could not have been made before.

    Guus Wijnen
  • Personalia

    Name, Birth date & place, Nationality
    Camal, Jorge
    2 May 1963 – Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina
    Argentinian, Dutch
    E-mail, Website, Phone, Social Media
    info@ jorgecamalart.com

    T: 00-31-20-67 02 024
    Mobile: 00-31-06 42 90 48 57

    Facebook Page: jorgecamalart
    LinkedIn: jorge Camal Skype: jorgecamal
  • Academic Qualifications

    Gerrit Rietveld Academy- Amsterdam- The Netherlands.
    National University Rosario - Faculty of Arts and Letters. Diploma:
    Secondary and high school fine arts' teacher (professor in Arts education for Secondary and high school)
    Sculpture course with Mr. l. Vinci with an scholarchip funded by "Fondo Nacional de las Artes”, Buenos Aires.
    Sculpture course with Mr. R. Castejón (marble cutting and metal casting).
    Drawing and formgiving study by Mss. D.D'Alessandro.
    1976- 1978
    Council school of Plastic Art "Manuel Musto" - Ceramic and shaping, Rosario.
  • Exhibitions

    Amstel 41 - Amsterdam – The Netherlands. visit gallery
    Kerameikon. The IV International festival of postmodern Ceramics City Museum Varazdin – Croatia.
    “Food, food, food.....made in China” solo exhibition Salon Amstel 41 - Amsterdam – The Netherlands.
    LekArt, Art Manifestation, Culemborg – The Netherlans.
    Artist –in –Residence The Pottery Workshop (3 months) Jingdezhen - Province Jiangxi - China.
    7 th. International Biannual of Ceramics – Kapfenberg – Austria.
    “Sandwich” solo sculpture – Stichting Galerie bij de boeken – DRU fabriek – Ulft - The Netherlands.
    Huntenkunst beurs kunst – Doetinchem – The Netherlans.
    “ART- mates I” instaltion by Maria Cosatto / Jorge Camal
    Salon The Little Hermit - Amsterdam – The Netherlands.
    Weefhuis – Zaandijk – The Netherlands.
    Guest artist parcours 2008 – Park naturel regional dela haute vallé de Chevreuse – Ille de france ¬ France.
    Het Revalidatiecentrum Amsterdam – Amsterdam - The Netherlands.
    Museum Dorestad, Wijk bij Duurstede – The Netherlands.
    Museum of International Ceramic Art – Denmark.
    Artist-in-Residence. Research center Guldagergård, Skaelskør - Denmark ( 3 months).
    Gallery De Bunders “Vision and Visions” – St. Oedenrode – The Netherlands.
    Kunstzaak Amsterdam – The Netherlans.
    Gallery d’Arte Zero, Barcelona – Spain.
    Gallery "De Sigaren fabriek", Delft - The Netherlands.
    Receive startstipend by "Stichting Fonds voor beeldende kunst, vormgeving en bouwkunst" Amsterdam - The Netherlands.
    Galery d'Arte Zero - Barcelona.
    Participation in the exposition "Erotismo" - Gallery d'Arte Zero – Barcelona – Spain.
    Participation in the exposition "Vrieshuis ontdooid" - Gerrit Rietveld Academy – Amsterdam.
    Participation in the poster concourse "The patronage feast" San Lorenzo de El Escorial - Spain.
    Individual exposition sculpture "Galería Santiago 965", Rosario - Argentina.
    Participation in "XXII Salón Anual de Artistas Plásticos Rosarino ".
    1st. prize in the section sculpture for the werk "Sin título" (without title)- Rosario - Argentina.
    Participation in sculpture exposition Natinal Hipotecary Bank – Buenos Aires.
    Participation in sculpture in Liber/Arte - Buenos Aires.
    Participation in "IV Salón Nacional de Artes Plásticas " seccion sculpture - San Lorenzo - Argentina.
    Participation in the II Sculpture panel "60 Plásticos de Rosario con el público" Rosario.
    Participation in the "I Salón Juvenil de Otoño de escultura".
    Special mention for the work "Cadena perpetua" (Life term prison)
    Partcipation in the "XX Sálon Anual de Artistas Plásticos de Rosario", the student saloon - Special sculpture mention for the werk "Without title".
    Participation in sculpture exposition in Cultural Center San Lorenzo - Argentina.
    Participation in ceramic exposition in "La pequeña muestra" gallery Rosario.
    Participation in sculpture exposition in "Kraas Plastic Arts" Gallery Rosario.
    Participation in gravure exposition in "Artistas Plásticos de Rosario Agremiados . 1st. prize in the category silk screen.
    Participation in the Second Provincial Art exposition in Rafaela, Sculpture section.
    Participation in Bernardino Rivadavia Cultural Center exposition, sculpture section.
    Participation in ceramic exposition in "Círculo Rosarino de Arte Cerámico", Rosario - Argentina.
  • Activities

    October 2014
    "De Vonk" - ceramic project - by Jorge Camal & Pablo Ponce.

    Pablo Ponce and Jorge Camal, both artists and art teachers who work with ceramics. "We met four years ago while staying in China druing the project of 'art and residence'. There we have learned to bake with a wood related ceramic-oven under high temperature, an ancient technique that offers many possibilities"!
    Read more
    28 Aug.-31 Aug. 2014
    Took part in the 2nd European Woodfire Conference - Skælskør - Denmark. visit gallery
  • Career History

    Begeleider Atelier niewe Amstelrade / Activiteit Centrum Boelanlaan.
    Artist in residence. 3 maanden. Werkzaam als zelfstandig docent;
    lessen gegeven over techniek bij keramiek sculpturen en het gebruik van diverse ovens en uitleg over ruimtelijke vormgeving. Dia-presentaties gegeven.
    International Ceramic Center Guldagergaard.
    Werkzaam als docent in eigen atelier. Boetseren (klei ,was) marmer bewerken, mallen maken. Individuele begeleiding.
    Les tekenen / schetsen aan studenten van de Rietveld Akademie.
    Stage docent 6 maanden.Univerisdad Nacional de Rosario. Argentinië.
    School van beeldende kunst.
    Docent 3’ en 4’ jaar studenten beeldhouwen begeleid bij conceptueel werk, techniek en ruimtelijke vormgeving.
    Universidad Nacional de Rosario / Facultad de Humanidades y Artes.