The next two years Jorge Camal, sculptor, will dedicate to culinary sculptures. Certainly no surprise when you look at the importance of food in his life. Where he started baking meringues in his mother’s kitchen, once at Art Academy, he also worked as a kitchen assistant in a renown Italian restaurant in Amsterdam. He even could have made it to chef, but his love for the ceramic ovens proved to be stronger.

In his work one can find earlier references to food. Little ice cones with baked tongues and above all his splendid elaborate series of ‘bocadillos’ : Rolls and buns of wood or ceramics filled in abundance with ceramic body parts. These pieces provoked responses of wonder and admiration, some may have found them disturbing where others found them terribly funny.

Under the motto: ‘there is too much hunger in this world, we should be cooking more!’ Jorge wants to travel around the world to expand his culinary knowledge. From Argentina via The Netherlands and Italy to France and China. He’s being driven by the will to learn. To learn as a cook and to learn as a sculptor. To add some extra expertise to his already extensive repertoire of ceramic skills, an extra Michelin star.

The sensuality which is always present in Jorge’s work will achieve new dimensions in what he himself calls the ‘FOOD!’ project. He experiences food and eating as an erotic sensation, it caresses all the senses in an almost obsessive manner. Which connects him to artists in a long art tradition. Next to this sensual aspect, food is a basic, fundamental need of humans. A person has to eat in order to survive, to reproduce himself. Meals are an ever returning ritual, an inescapable daily routine.

There will be baked in different kilns, ingredients that appear to be solid will turn out to be soft and fluid materials will become hard. Ceramic chocolate enwraps body parts or liquefies with the bowls in which they’re being served. Tables full of exquisitedelicacies will be thrown against the wall with brutal force, where they will be melting or splatter and burst. Because nothing is what it seems in Jorge’s kitchen. Is it finger licking finger food or are they finger licking fingers that you’re eating? Is your tongue being spoilt or is the tongue itself the ingredient? His restaurant has to enchant, confound and baffle, amuse and make you think, but above all, seduce.

Guus Wijnen

Western Food

Made in China