ART-Mates is an idea that originated from the desire of two artists/friends, who’ve known each other for thirty years, to start up a common art-experience.

Two different art techniques mingle; undeliberate discoveries are made and curiosity is aroused. The exceptional aspect of this experiment is the appearance of new work with a bi-polar basis.

Jorge is interested in cloning, repetition of form. In his work one sees “bulges” that create an intrigueing image with a touch of provocative humor. He works with ideas around eroticism, fetisjism and cannibalism, making sculptures and installations. Jorge researches the possibilities and combinations of different natural materials, such as branches of a tree, wood, marble, bronze, ceramic and porcelain.

Maria is interested in space & light in combination with the material cotton. Her territory is the dreamworld; reflection and meditation. She questions ideas such as boundaries and identity. This is visualised through light / video installations. Maria fuses matter and information; atmosphere and dynamics. Maria’s work is “gas-like”.

Photos and videos are made by Maria Cossato on this website:

In this combination of Jorge and Maria’s work there is a kind of chemical melting together of distantly scattered atoms; one solide , the other gassy. This results in art-work of an organic manner with a blazing emanation. In his work “Entre le cristal et le fume“ Henri Atlan speaks of the structure of the living systems. This is in accordance with the creative proces and the artistic results of Jorge and Maria’s work.

Maria Cosatto
Jorge Camal